i might consider doing these things, but then again, perhaps i won’t: 2010

That time again (hmmmm, de ja vu all over again?) where I list those things I might like to vaguely consider doing, but then again, no pressure if I do not, in 2010.

  • 2010 will be the big year of hard core savererering. No more puzzling at what happened to the YTD earned when we look at our pay slips – because it will mostly all be going into the bank.
  • Compleat Don’s sweater before the end of January. Keep up with the knitting (loving it – thanks again for the push, my beloved Harriet). Aim toward a garment a month (fortunately, hats can be considered garments).
  • Accept that I am not going to learn Italian any time soon, but that I will definitely return to Roma in the not to distant future (despite not chucking any euro-cents in the Trevi Fountain)
  • Keep on silkscreening and learn the photo-emulsion method
  • Make that quilt I’ve been planning (and have had the fabric for) for the past 7 years
  • Sew at least one article of clothing – preferably that skirt
  • Extend adjectival vocab (yes, I know) carried forward – for the last several years
  • Get the hell out of Marie Celeste at a reasonable time each day
  • Stop swearing. I know, y’all have fallen down at that one. I do think it unbecoming of a woman of my advanced age.
  • Keep up the most exellent work at the gym
  • Continue with my reading project – so far has been a hoot! After the Live & Let Die memoir, I love Roger Moore even more (ha!) than I would have thought possible. And cannot quite believe I’ve not read Ngaio Marsh for a whole year, but is true – my goodness that year did go fast .
  • A Big Project – details of which will be revealed at a later time.

On reflection a lot of these seem to involve the feminine arts, I admit that I do have a bit of a yearning to embrace my crafty roots (or embrace my old ladyness).

5 thoughts on “i might consider doing these things, but then again, perhaps i won’t: 2010

  1. I also have a (very small) list of things-that-I-wish-to-attempt-achievement-of-at-some-time-during-the-course-of-this-year-but-that-I-will-not-throw-myself-off-a-bridge-over… and “stop swearing” is one of mine also, I think it particularly unbecoming of a mother-of-small-children, I'm quite ashamed of my sailor-mouth!

  2. ooh I like that one, I'm going to try that as a substitute – so far I've only managed Faaaaaaaaaaaaaar out as a last second catch.

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