5 thoughts on “shiny, shiny, bad times behind me

  1. You could be right! I didn't notice any cats about when I took that photo, nor any other day when I walked past.

    I will say though, that the thought of kitties sharpening their claws on that foil is giving me the horrors.

  2. That's just really weird. I actually think I would take it off, poor sauna-bound trees!

    p.s hoblench is the most interesting spam-preventing word I've ever had to type.

  3. I've seen councils put up more serious metal skins on trees – and once on all the eucalypts in a koala park – this looks like a homemade version by a private citizen.

  4. Hmmm, I didn't consider animal deterrent, I was thinking it was for some sort of community christmas festivities. Now I feel compelled to go and check if it is still there (which may have to wait until the 4th, because, you know, effort).

    I also feel compelled to look up hoblench (oooh, is a place).

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