For Christmas dinner, we got out the good china and the good silverware. That is a sentence I really never thought I’d write, for if you’d told me I’d have “good china” or “good silver”, I’d have laughed merrily – that sort of thing just isn’t my style.

But thanks to Mom, it is now my style. And very pretty it is too. Makes one feel rather grown up.

Enjoy our Christmas snaps feat. the good china and silverware (monogrammed, no less).


2 thoughts on “inheritance

  1. This is funny to me because I have never desired “good china” or “good silver” either, but have found myself thinking lately that I perhaps *would* like to possess such things. It must be a thing that happens to us when we are all settled and content!

  2. It is very pretty, but storage is going to be a total pain and am rather concerned about chipping/breakages. We probably could (carefully) use the china regularly, but I am in no way keen to polish all that silver! We're planning to relegate it to the garage when a certain someone leaves.

    I still like my trippy 60s stoneware better! And if I could find some cheap arabia ruska stoneware I would be the happiest girl in the whole USA.

    But, yes, this whole contentment thing does lead to a fair bit of nesting – in our case, hideously expensive kitchen equipment!

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