passing on the m4d sk1llz

Recently I’ve dragged out the supplies which have been packed away for about 10 years and have been teaching Bessie to silk-screen.

Our first project was a single colour print of her current fave band (Joan is horrified because she would never have been permitted to listen to such dreadful mainstream stuff) on a couple of Don’s old white tee-shirts and a pillowcase.

Last weekend we dragged out the supplies again for a her Design & Tech work – a shirt to match the argyle print pyjama shorts she is making for textiles.

We’ve been very much of the stencil method because it is cheap, doesn’t require a terrible lot of materials and is comparatively simple, but I’m super-eager to give photo-emulsion a bash and am toying with the idea of a silk-screen short course next year.


4 thoughts on “passing on the m4d sk1llz

  1. That's heaps cool. I've used photo emulsion a few times, and have always found it very messy but worth it. I was screen printing onto paper though. I'd love to get back into it. Do you know of any courses around Glebe?

  2. Gah! This is crazy, I composed a large-ish response to Fabienne which has vanished. Time to head off to wordpress when I get a moment.

    Anyway, from what I can recall, I think I wrote something about having a screen with emulsion on it that I bought from Reverse Garbage for like $5, but that the writing on it: “greetings from palm beach”, “greetings from forster/tuncurry” &etc had a certain bizarre appeal for a project.

    Then I recall mentioning that I could not readily find any courses in Glebe (or Newtown at a pinch), but that I'm keen on this course in North Sydney in the new year.

    Also noted that I had a super-secret project involving multiple shirts that I did not think a newspaper stencil would be adequate for.

    I think that was it – have copied in notepad, just in case this fails again.

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