What adorable and thoughtful children I have!

Birthday gifts in order of receipt:

Earrings and bracelet made by Bessie

Murder, She Wrote Season 3 and 4 and Euro super-plus tampons(!) from Joan.

Yes, the tampon thing might seem somewhat peculiar, but one cannot obtain such things here and I often bemoan this.


2 thoughts on “perfect

  1. Yes! I would be the bestest customer ever.

    I remember you could get them here when I was a youngish teenager (not that I was in the marked then), I think that the whole toxic shock syndrome caused their withdrawl.

    The dreadful thing is that super-plus is not super-plus everwhere in the world. I imported a heap of super-plus from the US and they were the same size as our super! What is super-plus in Europe is (I think) Ultra in the US (and super-difficult to find, although it appears to exist).

    Yet another reason to pack up and move to Italy!

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