4.37 kg

This evening, in preparation for the thanksgiving/belated-carol-birthday feast on Saturday, we acquired a turkey.

We were all about buying a fresh one, but Don and I were both at work quite late this evening and the poultry store was closed when we went to do our shopping. So, in desperation (and not wanting to spend $50zillion at DJs, frozen it is!

I’m planning to ignore the “self basting” label, basting is half the fun of roasting.

Now for the 3 day defrosting in the fridge!


1 thought on “4.37 kg

  1. My cat is 5.2kg. But given the fuss she makes getting her into the cat cage, I wouldn't fancy my chances bundling her into the oven.

    Plus, she's pretty muscly, not a lot of fat. Where's the flavour??

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