i don’t have any pants fitting that description though

Google Reader has been suggesting some quite excellent blogs lately, of course it has been suggesting plenty of ghastliness too (often the same ghastly blogs over and over, despite my repeated clicking “No Thanks”. “Dear Google, I really don’t want to subscribe to the news limited feed, no really…”), but I digress.

This post is about one of the excellent blogs I have found and loved, and which, more importantly, has revolutionised my sartorial vocabulary.

Imaginary internet friends, I give you the extremely dapper An Affordable Wardrobe and the Go To Hell Pants.

I’ve latched onto this description like … well, like a thing which latches on. I have “go to hell” dresses, shoes, and in particular several pairs of “go to hell” underwear (one with rainbows).

And apart from the excellence of that phrase, this blog has just confirmed that America is indeed a thrift store utopia. I really need to take a couple of giant (empty) suitcases and foist myself upon Phil and Smilla or Mom. I’m convinced I could clothe us all for the next couple of years for about $56.73.


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