where i did not a great deal

It’s been a dismal, rainy kind of day, weather-wise today, just begging to be filled with indoorly activities.

After taking Bessie for an early haircut (having spent TWO HOURS last evening combing the most ghastly tangle from the back of her head, after which she decided that the length was just too much to manage) and a quick bit of shopping while I was waiting (dvd, new work shoes and chillis), Bessie and I settled in for a lazy afternoon of Top Design Season 1 watching, knitting and pie cooking.

Our pie was super-quick and easy. We used the leftover pastry (which froze exceptionally well) from kitchenette’s fabulous apple pie of death filled with lightly stewed raspberries, blueberries and strawberries.

Verdict? Perhaps not the prettiest pie, but a superbly delicious one.

I’m now a fair way through the back of Don’s jumper, slightly frightened that I may run out of wool and there is no more in Lincraft or online … fingies crossed.

I’ve had to resort to using stitch markers, because I kept screwing the k2p6 pattern up (because the other side is all knit and not p2k6 as you might expect), they have made everything quite a good deal more satisfying and less hair-tear-out-ing.

Still not sick of it yet, but there is a great deal left to do.

Despite the post-art-and-car-purchase-money-saving kick we are supposed to be on, I desperately needed a new pair of shoes for work (and, naturally, feeling ridiculously guilty for doing so). The standby black old-lady pumps (for when I am not wearing boots &etc) which live under my desk are incredibly dowdy and becoming quite uncomfortable (no surprise, given that they are at least 5 years old and were not new when I bought them).

Not a particularly great shot, but I like the wee buckles very much.

Black old-lady pumps go in bin tomorrow.

Definitely need to talk to Iman (the MHP) about my complete inability to spend money on myself without feeling angsty, as, I’ve mentioned here before, I delightedly throw ridiculous amounts of money at art, at kitchenware, at Don, at the babies, but am an utter scrooge when it comes to me. Needs to stop, as I am setting a horrendous example for the kidlets.

Don has spent the majority of the weekend making phở from scratch, using this recipe. He’s even made the accompanying chilli sauce.

It’s actually quite fabulous, well worth the effort expended and time involved (especially as my participation primarily consisted of enjoying the results):

He’s a pretty excellent cook, that husband o’ mine.


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