best laid plans

I had grand plans to do all manner of things today, but unfortunately I was laid low with some sort of ghastly tummy thing – which initially, I attributed to yet another dodgy pub lunch, but then realised it was probably the result of the antibiotics I’ve been on for the implant, and sure enough, a quick check of the side effects confirmed that they were probably the cause of my indisposition.

So we didn’t get quite as much done as I would have liked, but we did manage to do a fair bit, including collecting our new art (thanks Don!) and stage 1 of cleaning the garage so that GerryScotti might fit more comfortably.

Mess: pre-stage 1 cleaning. Note the lovely and expensive couch (to the right) that was used for less than 6 weeks and which will not fit into our flat (in any configuration – goodness knows we’ve tried).

We also managed to go for a wee walk to the bottle shop and spring is definitely … springing:


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