still alive -ymite

My baby girl flies to Europe tomorrow!

I am so very, very excited for her. Yay Dfkan!

Also, I managed to complete her hat.

Although because is currently still being blocked (because a certain idiot left it out in the rain while she was getting hammered with the awesome in-laws while Don was climbing the bridge) it will be delivered to her at the very last moment tomorrow.

Pretty, no?

May I just take the time to point out that I have m4d knitting sk1llz?

This yarnover stuff is much less scary than one would otherwise suppose.


8 thoughts on “still alive -ymite

  1. Excellent knitting skills, but I recall you as having the ability to make two empty cereal boxes into the best dress up costumes in an evening. Bon voyage to your baby.

  2. Oh my goodly goodness, I've just realised who you are!

    How fabulously wonderful to see you are blogging.

    Sadly, the babies are now too elderly to require dress-up costumes (which does rather make me crave another one). I do wish I could get that eXtreme crafting mojo back.

  3. the yarnover stuff worried me as well, until I tried it, it's all very easy – it's just knit and purl with a little variation! Well done, the hat is gorgeous 🙂
    Best Wishes to DFKAN on her trip!

  4. Harriet!

    I blame you entirely for my hat obsession! I have finished another beret in red for s-m-i-l (beanie for f-i-l on needles) and am planning some sort of wrap/shawl for Mom for christmas – there will be yarn-overs involved.

    I also have a special something for you, but it definitely needs a dedicated post – which I will post, but it needs a wee bit of organising first.

  5. I'm quite pleased to be blamed for your hat obsession, given how wonderfully you've taken to the craft .. look at you KNITTING and making holes on purpose 🙂
    A shawl would be lovely for Mom. Do you find the knitting relaxing? I love it for Time Out From Reality (Time permitting) .. I can daydream and be constructive all at the same time!

  6. I only wish I could become as good at you as crochet – I still suck and I think I will never progress beyond the granny blanket.

  7. I would say knitting is relaxing when I'm doing something for the second time – first time with a pattern and it hurts my brain! After the shawl, I've really got to make Don that jumper (after I get rid of that atrocious scratchy Lincraft merino crepe on eBay).

    Really my crochet is just glorified granny squares – when I clean out the garage, I'll take some snaps of the bonnets and matinee jackets my Aunt knitted for Dfkan when she was born – they are utterly exquisite and I can only dream of being half as good.

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