johnny is a guy, who can’t make up his mind

I know I say this constantly, but I really do need to do something about content that isn’t iphone pix, but meanwhile…

Don watches Australia lose in the rugby.

Don’s new hat before I unravelled 2/3 of it because my decreases were wrong.

Definitely a lesson that I really should ensure I understand what the instructions are telling me and not make assumptions (makes an ass of you and … ‘mptions). I was really pleased with the evenness of the stocking stitch though. Finished hat last evening, like it quite a lot, but have not thought of silly name for it yet.

At Bessie’s request we’re having an olde skool winter-type roast for lunch (admittedly, will be quite a late lunch). The weather isn’t quite what we had in mind when we planned it:

I’m participating in the fabulous MeFi Music Swap: Summer 2009. Which will see four Americans, one Canadian and I foist our musical tastes upon one another by swapping mix tapes CDs.

I’m going with a “totally (obscure) aus” musical history theme.

Planning the list today – because I know if I leave it to the last minute (to be sent out by 15 August), I either won’t do it or will get way too anxious about it (and it is supposed to be a totally fun and not at all stressful exercise. You hear me, brain?).

I don’t think Supernaut, I like it both ways is too much, do you?

I’m well on my way to becoming a golf widow.

Which raises interesting questions about what to do with myself, as we’re generally a very self-contained unit.


3 thoughts on “johnny is a guy, who can’t make up his mind

  1. There are definitely worse songs to follow you about!

    I love the whole telephone exchange in it. I also love that they showed it on Countdown, ah the 70s – crazy, crazy times.

  2. Painters & Dockers did a great cover version of it back in about 1984. On the Kill, Kill, Kill EP. Supernaut's video clip is pretty wicked though…

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