need moar hats

It will come as no surprise to some that I’m a bit of a perfectionist, so after considering my options for a while, I’m really going need to tweak the Don, Bessie and Joe/Frank hats because, as I mentioned in comments to the lovely Harriet, when worn for a while they work themselves into a point at the crown so that the wearer looks like Snugglepot or possibly Cuddlepie.

And, like most things, if I don’t make an effort to fix them, I will just worry and be anxious aand obsess bout them. Unfortunately, I do tend to do this perfection/obsession/anxiety thing about most things in my life. Dishy Boss says this is what makes me a perfect and yet utterly maddening employee, Don says it is what makes me just utterly maddening.

Anyway back to the hats of the future! Dfkan has requested a hat, so while I am awaiting her decision as to a pattern, I’m making another hat for Don and taking a bold leap to a different pattern. Radical.

I’ll be making this hat for Don. Primarily chosen because I have the right sized circular needles and what I’m guessing is the right wool. Good that it looks pretty cool too.

A reknit in a bigger size of Joe/Frank’s too small hat is in the future, but I’ll be buying new wool, because the Lincraft brand Merino crepe is way scratchy and really unsatisfying (the cheaper Lincraft brand cosy wool was loads nicer). Unfortunately the Lincraft Merino crepe was what I bought to make Don’s jumper (that we just won’t talk about right now – I’m … ermmm … training for it.

Work = fiddly, difficult, brain-sucking tasks for the next couple of months.


<edited to add< have altered Don and Joe/Frank's hats. Undid 4-6 rows, which made them much less gumnutty and made me much less anxious. Bessie's will be altered when she returns on Sunday for the hols.


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