sunday sunday sunday

Grabbed out the DSLR and realised I’ve completely forgotten how to take photos with a normal camera. So, apologies for the poorly taken photos (I can’t even use the “crappy iphone” excuse).

Hottest 100 trophy. It will take a miracle for Joe/Frank to be beaten at this stage.

Meanwhile … hats

The “Misty half anniversary” hat (redux).

The “Bessie variegated fairy princess” hat

The “Joe/Frank go you bunnies! by golly, my boy has a big head” hat


3 thoughts on “sunday sunday sunday

  1. I really owe it all to your for your most excellent suggestion of hats!

    I think I am going to have to undo a few rows at the top of each of these though. I really love the decreases, but the hats tend to work themselves into a little point when worn, so the wearer looks like snugglepot (or cuddlepie). Perhaps cute on a toddler, but not my grown-ups.

    I'll undo Joe/Frank's as an experiment because it is really too small for his big head (will do him another in the man's size).

  2. Oh thanks for that, I do remember having previously saved that pattern because I liked the look of the crown, and after seeing yours wanted to make one myself, so I'll keep that in mind! After I finished the boy's hat I thought I should have finished off earlier because his has the snugglepot/cuddlepie look too, but I won't bother re-doing it, he is only a baby and they can get away with anything!

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