you can has pretty pictures?

It was a perfectly lovely winters’s day today, so I took a walk to the best meat shop in the land, Glenmore Meats (unfortunately, no new Dave shots to be had). Don had to abandon the journey at the foot of the stairs – poor baby was too hungover after his End of Financial Year celebrations.

I also ventured to the bottle shop, the library (to visit the Glebe Art Fair – photography: quite decent, paintings: perfectly revolting & astoundingly overpriced) and picked up the dry cleaning and generally wandered about the neighbourhood and enjoyed it immensely. Of course, I had to take some iphone shots along the way (oh, come on – you’d be disappointed if I didn’t include some).

Spent the afternoon knitting hat for Bessie (and reading some excellent stuff on the internets1, washing and preparing for yet another flat inspection), after completing Don’s green cosy wool circle2 (note: not footnote, but actual squared thingy) hat last evening. Bessie’s is all variegated pastels (of course!). I bought extra wool at her request, so she might make a matching neck warmer.

My head! Note the USS Independence jumper which rarely leaves my bod in winter-time.

I’m much more pleased with the green cosy wool circle2 hat than the misty half anniversary hat (which I’m planning to pull apart and start anew).

I just love this pattern! Particularly the crown, especially now that I am all about the two circular needles, as opposed to the double pointed, which were really unsatisfactory – I utterly failed the jusggling [TMHarriet]. Think eventually I’ll need to branch out into another pattern and mix it up a bit. Have decided that knitted hats look so much more finished and “proper” than crocheted ones.

Tonight am cooking steak, stout and potato pie from the very useful Murdoch Pies &etc cookbook. Was a little unflavoursome to taste, so had to add a smidge of worchestershire sauce (which makes all pies better)

1 Am really enjoying the Vanity Fair article on Sarah Palin (especially in light of her quitting today – totally scandal or fox gig). So refreshing to be treated like an intelligent reader! I guess I have become way too accustomed to the smh 2 paragraph articles (usually ripped straight from the wire services) that I am delighted by anything that runs over a page. And so very heartening to see journalists write something other than a relentless barrage of lame fluff pieces about masterchef.


4 thoughts on “you can has pretty pictures?

  1. Merci!

    I must say, the iphone has done wonders for the frequency of my photo taking – the quality may be a bit wanting, but I'm entertaining myself no end.

  2. wow, I just knitted my baby boy a hat the other day and was thinking I should get you onto the two-circular needle thing .. but you already did it – and fabulously, those hats look awesome!

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