A brand new financial year! Yay!

Worked late and am super-tired – my late work involved lots of mindless button pressing and staring at screens, so now I am afflicted with tired eyes and massively foggy brain (which is making me mix up my words and press the wrong buttons on things).

So rather than me just pressing random keys on the keyboard, enjoy some snaps from the walk to work this morning:

Fans on Wentworth Park Road, Glebe

Bark in Wentworth Park (I’m a poet &etc)

Chinese Gardens at Darling Harbour. Pretty!

I’d have to say that being on the lookout for interesting things to take pix of enlivens the walk to the salt mines no end!


2 thoughts on “pinch/punch

  1. I've walked past almost every day for close to 3 years and I'd never noticed the view until I took that photo.

    To my shame, I've never actually been into the Chinese Gardens. Don went with Mom over the hols and they loved it. Word is that is is even more gorgeous inside.

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