hottest 100 of all time: carol

Bloody hell, that was difficult (lots of awesome stuff was cut). I tried to go with songs that had some sort of personal anecdote to go with them – except for Nirvana, that song is there because it is awesome.

Really, if I had to have my favourite 10 songs of all time, I daresay none of these would be in it.

Arcade Fire: Wake Up
Band of Horses: The Funeral
Jane’s Addiction: Been Caught Stealing
Modest Mouse: Bukowski
Nirvana: In Bloom
PJ Harvey: Dress
The Prodigy: Smack My Bitch Up
The Sisters of Mercy: More
Violent Femmes: Kiss Off
LCD Soundsystem: Losing My Edge

I’d have to say that the Triple J schedule of announcing the Hottest 100 (over a week? During work hours?) is completely and utterly ridiculous. How on earth is one supposed to have a Hottest 100 party?


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