i know there were tickets to melbourne, and some clothes …

Being that I was at home sick today, I decided to have a bit of a squiz at etsy to see if I could bypass the actual “doing something” step of making those arm/wrist warmers in momentarily coveting (I daresay I’ll be coveting them a whole lot more tomorrow when I’m back shivering in that freezing office).

Whenever I go to etsy, I find a few utterly marvellous things, but Dear God, one has to search though masses of heinously revolting items to find them! I don’t know why this is such a surprise, as it happens every time I visit there.

Here are some that I really did quite like very much (in order of preference, although I would like to have them all):

from mylittleaura

from katwise

from Corpseknit

There is a part of me that wants to link to a select group of the most hideous, but I will refrain. See, this association with the always-super-nice Don really dulls the public snarking edge.

And, once I had found 3 that I loved (after 16 pages!) I extended my search to legwarmers. And, by golly, there is an even more perfectly dreadful selection to wade through there! But I really did find these quite lovely:

from BargainBoutique

from ginaminda

I feel as though I may have to lash out some $ (pity all of that lovely stimulus is gone, baby, gone – to where, I am not sure). It’s all about altruism and supporting artisans/indpendent crafts-people and not at all because I want pretty things for myself. Not at all.

Also searched for leg warmer (or, is it legwarmer?) patterns in the internets in general, because the ones I dragged out yesterday have made everything quite cosy and lovely indeed (and because sometimes I delude myself that I will cast off the lazy and cast on the stitches). And frankly I’m not buying the smh stance that it will be a mild winter – not in my house with all that exposed glass an no insulation thanksverymuch.

I’m liking both of these, and they might be good small projects for some techniques that I’d like a bit more familiarity with:

snow drop legwarmers

mosey legwarmers

Of course these will be strictly for wear within the Don and Carol demense, I am way too, shall we say, mature, to be wearing legwarmers anywhere where I might come into contact with the general public. Don’t really want to go anywhere near that MDL1 thing at all.

1Mutton Dressed as Lamb


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