blake’s got a new face1

Don is mad keen on jerky (and once again he’s converted Bessie to one of his weird, and some2 would argue, grotesque, food predilections) and is mad keen on learning to make his own. His one oven experience wasn’t ideal, so this afternoon we ventured out to buy a food dehydrator (awesome because we can also dry herbs and the lovely chilis the babies’ step-mother gifts us with).

Looking foward to drying things such as the (what looks to be, but sadly is not) space age, hydroponic basil and oregano (if only the plants outside did so well!)

Anyway, we went to Alexandria and were amazed at the number of heavily pregnant women and couples with small babies in the centre. Honestly, I appeared to be the only woman there that was not currently (or recently had been) with child.

Don has just now noticed the plague of pregnancies that I’ve been going on about for a while now (several women in his small workplace are currently expecting, as are a couple in mine). We have no idea what is causing it (well apart from the obvious, of course), but it seems of baby boomer proportions. Perhaps it all happened before the GFC? Occasionally, I toy with the idea of adding another wee sprog to the clan (my gynaecologist assures me I have a good 5[!] breeding years left), but it seems babies are just so fashionable right now that I really don’t think I could go there.

And as a somewhat tenuous segue … You’ve probably all seen this (and I daresay saw it months ago), I tend to be a bit slow on the youtube vids (I still think of the internets for just text and pix – terribly old skool of me, I know). But in the event you haven’t …

Courtesy of my lovely husband:


I laughed (and I was thankful that I was fortunate enough never to experience that sort of thing).

1song in our heads
2such as Dfkan and myself.


2 thoughts on “blake’s got a new face1

  1. oh go on, cook another baby – they are quite adorable despite the nasty teething problems and sleepless nights and foggy brain and fatigued days ..oh .. yes they are lovely!! Mine will be a year old in just over 2 weeks!!

  2. I cannot believe that it has almost been a whole year! Wow! You must send me photographs!

    What was it that Peter Costello said? One for Mum, one for Dad, one for the Country? (I will leave it as an exercise for the reader to guess which child is which).

    Any more wouldn't be very patriotic, would it?

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