Don has had an arduous day at work, so we’ve decided to head down to the pub (home of the world’s best laksa) for dinner.

This means that I can do some list things, rather than prepare dinner / do dishes.

It is at this point I would say, “here is a list I prepared earlier”, except I didn’t, so I will have to freestyle it.

Non-work things I did today and will do this evening:

  • Booked tickets to Melbourne! While we did not get any 5 cent airfare action last night (this will be the subject of another, ranty, post), we did get a pretty good deal on 2 for one tix: $75 return (including tax) each. I accidentally booked for a whole week, rather than a couple of days, but I think this was the universe trying to tell me that we need a small vacation.
  • Printed out the pattern for this skirt. Yes, I did use work resources to do so, but it’s okay, I exchanged my soul as payment.
  • Have cup of tea (not strictly tea, but that is what I am calling it)
  • Sit about for a while
  • Go to pub

So, all in all, should be a pretty productive evening.


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