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I had all these things I was going to blog about, but now have forgotten what they were (I should adopt hazelblackberry’s system of notes).

Don’t be disappointed though, I’m sure they were not at all exciting.

Nige provided us with a most fabulously excellent meal this evening: braised oxtail with mustard and mash (cooked over two nights) – perfect for the v. cold weather. Many people were wearing coats today – not me though, I was stylin’ in my singlet, cardi and thongs [yes, pants too] – just waiting for the Sartorialist chase after me and beg to take my photo. Astoundingly that didn’t happen, perhaps tomorrow.

Also, I now have blonde bits in my hair, which I actually quite like. Perhaps next time I will go the whole distance. Don’t they say you look better in your 40s with the hair colour you had as a child? I don’t know who they are, but I think they could be right … blonder here I come. It was quite lovely to go to a decent hairdresser for the first time in ages, long time readers will be aware of my tendency to gravitate toward the more bargain-type salons (and how I always tell myself that I will never do that again, and how I always end up there just one more time etc etc). No more!

The ever brilliant Harriet suggested that I might craft a hat, I rather like this one. I’ll have to spend a bit of time writing the pattern out in a manner which I can understand, while I have medium level crochet sk1llz, my pattern reading sk1llz are teh suck.

And none of that was what I had forgotten that I was going to write about.


2 thoughts on “in more than 140 chars

  1. By Golly! That no make-up thing is so very bold of you.

    I’ve started leaving the haus sans-make-up since I’ve lived in Hippy’burb (and only on the weekends!).

    Yes, I do need to make a commitment to my hair.

    I really need personal staff.

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