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Today was quite lovely, so I took a few wee snaps with the iPhone on the way to work (all the better for Jano to stalk me).

Why yes, I do indeed wear daggy runners while walking to work.

I got distracted at that point, no, I don’t work on the light rail tracks.

I was really not feeling going to the gym at lunch time today. In all honesty, I’d much rather have gone shopping: to check out the new Lincraft store (in the old Gowings building) or to see if I could join the utterly crazy lines at Haigh’s Chocolates for easter goodness.

But, like a good girl, I resisted the lure of the shoppering and ran on the treadmill instead. The Captain and The Prodigy got me through.

The revolting thing about this fitness stuff is that if you want to maintain any level of health and un-lardishness you have to commit to it for The Rest Of Your Life.

Which is quite horrible prospect indeed.

The Rest of My Life.


I’d don’t know why I wasted all that time (and $$$$$$) having my teeth whitened at the Dentist when I could have done it at the Shopping Centre!

Sadly, no-one was availing themselves of the opportunuty.

For those of you who are not following my terribly interesting twitter stream, Don and I are planning a wee kayaking adventure tomorrow. I haven’t been kayaking since I was 12 and Don hasn’t been in a paddle propelled watercraft for equally as long.

Sartorially, I’m all at sea (ha! kayak pun!). What on earth does one wear when one is kayaking?

Whatever I wear, I suspect there will be maximum soreness.

4 thoughts on “stream of consciouness

  1. Oh thank you for letting me know where Lincraft has gone – a little far for me to duck out at lunchtime – I mean, George Street is all of five blocks – but good to know it’s there.As for Kayaking – if you get into it, Kathmandu has some very good shorts/tops for it that are comfortable (think seams and sitting for a long time) and don’t get chilly when you get wet. It’s the only sport-specific clothes I have at the moment except for my equally unused running shoes, but they stood me in excellent stead for a kayaking trip we went on for three days once. Quick-drying, too.

  2. I ended up wearing lightweight cargo shorts over my cossies. Of course the shorts ended up completely soaked because it was quite rough at times. I should have just gone the cossies route, given that it was a particularly lovely day.My mind is boggling (and my arms aching) at the thought of a Three Day kayaking trip! Sounds intriguing though – you’ve given me something to think about …

  3. Oh, I was a complete novice at kayaking, and coped quite well. It was a World Expeditions Kakadu/Katherine River trip, and sleeping by the (croc-infested!) riverbanks and kayaking down the (croc-infested!) river by day was really special. Do I really need to say that this was pre-childification?

  4. See, now that my children are growed I can finally do those things that most normal people did pre-children! Yay!

    It’s all very exciting, although is causing a couple of minor identity crisis issues.

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