so growed up

Dfkan has just booked tickets for her first overseas holiday! She goes to Germany and The Netherlands (and other, as yet undecided, locations) for five weeks on 8 October.

We’re super-proud of her. She get paid crap, has hugely expensive rent, pays all her bills and still has managed to save enough to take a long holiday.

I’m so glad I have raised a child who has turned out to be super-sensible and wants to see the world, rather than a child who wants to get knocked at 19 up by some yokel fuckwit (like her mummy).

4 thoughts on “so growed up

  1. How DOES she do it? Well done her!But I’m sure her mother is an excellent role model despite the dubious choices she made in her tender years.And don’t forget – they grow up so fast these days!

  2. Don’t they though? In 15 days she will be 21. Bloody Hell.I don’t know quite how she does it – certainly nothing she gets from me (I think she is perhaps doing the opposite – which is a fine and sensible thing!)

  3. How awesome! and 21! It doesn’t seem long since she was a 13 year old brat .. I hope my brat turns out like that!I was knocked up by a fuckwit at 19 as well, so hopefully there is a pattern here.

  4. Harriet, let me assure you that if she is following the pattern, she will undoubtedly get worse before she improves. But still! Light! At end of tunnel!Also, I hope your email addy hasn’t changed, because I finally sent you that email.

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