although the uncompromising position of the intuitionists is far too extreme for most mathematicians … 1

By golly, it’s infinitely easier to post when one is not slaving down in the salt mines.

I did remain fairly chilled at Marie Celeste today though. In my own special form of weird passive aggression, I plan to counter Anxious Mum’s anxiety, endless whinging and negativity with cheerfulness, hyper cheerfulness. I will become Really Happy Carol. Yay! This should entertain me for at least 2-3 hours.

I really do think I am much better suited to not being at work, I could sit around and post all day – and I think we would all enjoy that. No, really, you’d enjoy it.

Don and I sometimes idly fantasise about buying a small country property and have him work from home and while I tend the vegetables and the tasty animals – which sounds pretty fabulous to me (although I rarely admit it, I am a bit of a DFH at heart). I’m sure in reality it would be perfectly revolting, but hey, I wouldn’t be at Marie Celeste.

It’s one of those Enthusiasms we both tend to get every so often (which wax and wane and wax and then disappear entirely). Currently we’re all about reading self-sufficiency books and preserves books and cheesemaking books etc. Next month we’ll probably be back to jonesing for kayaks or really desperately needing more art.

That’s just how we roll.

1was stumped for a title, so closed my eyes and grabbed a book from the bookshelf and opened it at a random page. The sentence is too long to fit in the title, so I will chunk it up over coming posts. From What is mathematics? Courant and Robbins p.87. No, it isn’t my book. Frankly, I think the Hardy Boys title project was a whole lot better. If I hadn’t given the Nora Roberts to Dfkan, I could have used that!

3 thoughts on “although the uncompromising position of the intuitionists is far too extreme for most mathematicians … 1

  1. we fantasise about the DFH lifestyle too .. we wouldn’t be able to live the idyllic self-sustaining life as we do enjoy some rather expensive hobbies but still, an acreage would be nice!

  2. I would rather like a flock of alpacas, their fleece is lovely to spin .. having said that, I purchased some alpaca fleece with the intention of spinning it and knitting a nice lacy shawl for my third born .. said child is now 9 months old and never laid his eyes/skin on anything made from alpaca.

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