As part of my highly successful non-drinking, weightloss experiment, I began drinking an awful lot of DFH1 herbaly-type infusions (can’t drink real tea – makes me ill).

My fave brand is celestial seasonings (especially the sleepytime, which is lovely and wonderful and other good things), but I haven’t really met a wanker brand of herbal tea I haven’t liked (well, I’m sure that I wouldn’t like anything involving blackcurrant, but I am not even going to go there).

So at the supermarket on Friday, I came across Dr Stuart’s Extraordinarily Good Teas, which combined my love of infusions and gorgeous wanktastic packaging and nomenclature!

The one I chose contains red clover, nettle leaves, dandelion leaves, burdock root, chamomile, lemon balm and lemon peel.

I had my first cup this evening. It really does taste like what it is. It tastes as though I had wandered through an unkempt suburban backyard, picked out all the random weeds I came across and then steeped them in some boiling water for a time.

I guess it is an acquired taste.

I had to have a glass of wine to wash the taste away. It was either that or cut out my tongue.

But hey, there’s something in it for you too, dear reader! Now is your chance to live the Carol lifestyle. In the first ever Don and Carol giveaway, if you’d like to share the Dr Stuart experience, simply leave a comment and you can have the box of reasonably expensive dried weeds!

No, I wouldn’t leave a comment either.

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5 thoughts on “extraordinary

  1. We drink peppermint tea after dinner, and I do like some sleepytime tea before bed đŸ™‚ I can’t stand the taste of real tea, it’s just disgusting. I now and then make attempts at drinking less coffee and more herbal tea – alas the hold of caffeine over my small mind is rather a strong one – ah well, I don’t smoke or drink alcohol and I eat rather well so I am allowed one vice, yes?

  2. ha ha awesome, I’ll try anything at least once .. I moved in september and don’t remember if you have the new address!

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