mental health week live blogging: day one

Day One – stimulating the economy.

By god, I need clothes – all that not drinking has made me a size less and I resemble a disappointingly turned out clown when wearing any of my work pants.

And I need to find time to slot in a gym visit without going anywhere near the Marie Celeste – which will be difficult, as they are located quite close together. I will inevitably run into colleagues and they will greet me with a hearty, “ho, ho, ho – can’t stay away from the place, eh?” – which really (in the words of my darling eldest child), I have no time for.

I will report back re: the spoils of my stimulating.

Oh, and if you are not reading this via a reader, you will notice that there is a very forlorn looking twitter stream over there in the sidebar.

Yes, I have succumbed (I blame Jano entirely). I’m donandcarol, but even though I have very good intentions about using it, I’m sure that in reality I will be less active than I am here (if only I could claim that it was because of my busy and glamourous socialite lifestyle), but hey, at least I can follow others who are inifintely more interesting than I.

6 thoughts on “mental health week live blogging: day one

  1. I’m gratified to know that we both suck, it feels so much better knowing that I am not alone.I can’t find anyone either. I only was able to follow you because you were following me.I suppose I should actually write something. I feel this whole exercise is doomed. Although I should probably put it on my phone – I have all sorts of thoughts when I am out and about – which I promptly forget when I get home (must have been all those drugs I did at the turn of the century)

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