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In an effort to get out from behind the computer (part of that list of things that are not at all resolutions), recent activities in the Don and Carol haus:

My after work activity for last week, more pillows from old jeans and placemats, this time placemats sandwiched between a wide strip of jeans. These ones are for Bav (the car). All cars should have pillows I think – and a blanket (and an ipod and a spare cardigan and a pair of thongs and yoga mats and shopping bags).

Welsh lamb pie – so very yummy
(Pies: Sweet and Savoury Bay Books 2001 : p79)

Carbonade Pie pre-baking – decoration courtesy Bessie
(Pies: Sweet and Savoury Bay Books 2001 : p43)

Also exceptionally yummy.

And of course when there is leftover pastry, you make pastry shapes sandwiched by jam – again, courtesy of Bessie.

This pie book was languishing, unloved on my bookshelf since I acquired it around 18 months ago from the bookman1, mainly because I lacked the necessary tools for pastry making (particularly the vital marble rolling pin). Tools acquired and I set upon a pie making frenzy – and the results have been quite pleasing indeed.

1I’m not sure if this is a Sydney phenomena, but the book man is a dude who visits offices and leaves really crappy books for your purchasing pleasure.

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  1. And also the bookman is a nationwide phenomenon. Though really phenomena as, let’s face it, is most likely different bookman in each city and, indeed, probably more than one bookman per city. Bookmen, if you will.

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