ein kleines spiel cup perpetual trophy award for excellence: 2009

The haus tipping competition is on again!

This year, because my children are whingers (and claim they will kick our arses with their superior skills), we are including rugby league in the contest.

To show how much I actually know about League, lets just say I was suprised to learn that the Gold Coast had a team in the competition – I thought they called the seagulls and were kicked out in 1998. Turns out they were and this is a new team – who knew?

Still, despite my massive lack of interest, I am in the lead!

That cup perpetual trophy award will look mighty fine with my name on it.

2 thoughts on “ein kleines spiel cup perpetual trophy award for excellence: 2009

  1. I won a league footy tipping competition a few years ago, despite having absolutely no knowledge nor interest in the competition. It really pissed off those involved who followed the competition closely and who had favourite teams. Because I had no favourite teams I followed a simple system…* Where the teams are fairly evenly placed on the ladder, go for the home team advantage.* Where the teams are on different levels, go with the stronger team.* If it’s a highly parochial team, a Manly or a South Sydney, they get extra home advantage against a stronger team.Simple as that and you win.. 🙂Good luck..

  2. That’s a mighty fine strategy, James! I’m always trying to pick an upset and oftentimes this fails spectacularly.This year, I shall be like the tortoise – slow and steady etc (and save my risks for the AFL portion – where I know where I can take aforesaid risks).Those babies of mine (well two of them) are highly competitive in NRL tipping, hence the insistance that it be included in the cup perpetual trophy award this year. Dfkan came second in her work comp last year (midway through the comp, a colleague was paying her to give him her tips). Joe/Frank came 4th in his dad’s work comp, after coming 2nd for most of the year. So it will be mighty nice to lay some smack down if I can 🙂

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