are you training her to be a sloth?

Dfkan had her first rental inspection on Monday, as such, a very good part of her weekend was spent cleaning and tidying her flat.

She was quite miffed that I had not instructed her more thoroughly in the housekeeperly arts, and sent me this link, so that I might see where I had gone wrong in the ways of raising her.

One of the comments:

Gretchen says:
November 20, 2008 at 1:36 pm

What an awesome blessing that you had a mother that took so much time and effort to train her children as your mother did. It is so lacking in today’s society. I really had to learn from scratch how to be a wife and mother because my mother believed it more important to get an education than to cook and clean and learn how to care for a family and home.

Dfkan: “I can totally relate to Gretchen *sigh*.

Education and working aren’t going to help me serve my future husband and God.”

I’m sorry to fail you darling. If only I had trained you better, you might be married with two or three children by now.

Also, by golly, some people have interesting folkways, don’t they?

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