I like to think that I can spell well1 2.

Well, apart from the crazy typos that creep in here (and into my work correspondence and my private correspondence and my …) – I didn’t say I could proof-read well.

So it was with extreme chagrin that I discovered that I had been spelling superseded incorrectly for years. I’d been doing the archaic “superceded” thing.


And not just spelling it in my head incorrectly, but in file names which everyone at Marie Celeste can see.

I don’t think I can use the “well, it is the archaic spelling” excuse with any sort of conviction, particularly as I’m not one of those ren faire types.

After I discovered my idiocy, I hurriedly corrected as many as I could, however the ones in the read only shared drive are a bit of a loss. I’m hoping I can pretend that someone else named them.

Note to self: you’re not half as clever as you think you are.

1If you’re thinking, “duh w.e.l.l.” you can just stop right now.

2Who can forget when that crazy tool which assessed the mrs hardly blog as being at some sort of genius level? … I’ve been looking for that post to link to on and off for about 3 hours now, and I’m stuffed if I can find it. I did find that my original image host is cactus though – which is unfortunate for everyone … okay, unfortunate for me, I’m hoping I backed up to the dead computer. Note to everyone: back up your blog posts.

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