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Ahhhh! Another school year, another round of covering school books – the majority of yesterday was spent covering Joe/Frank’s many, many books. Thankfully Bessie is now of an age to want to cover her own books.

Because I am utterly and completely hopeless at applying contact in the kind of ridiculously perfectionist way that satisfies me (or any way that does not involve several thousand bubbles and lots of swearing), I use old timey pvc covering. By the end of the exercise, I would have paid a great deal of money to have sticky tape in pre-cut lengths, post-it flag style.

I thought something so space-age and futuristic was just a wild a crazy dream – something I might be able to buy around the same time as my flying car, but apparently it exists!

Truly, it is a marvellous age we live in.

2 thoughts on “meet george jetson

  1. Sadly when I headed to my purveyor of shoddy, cheap stationery wares (ie. the Marie Celeste stationery cupboard) – there were none to be found.Perhaps I need to go more upmarket and *gasp* pay for my stationery.Note to the haters (should there be any): of course I pay for my own stationery (apart from the occasional pen, or post it note, or manilla folder or envelope or staples or …)

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