I do so hate it when we go over our downloady allocation and are reduced to dial-up speed. I am not entirely sure how I coped Back In The Day (I’m sure I was a heck of a lot more productive). Actually Back In The Day Fenton and I used to take turns on the internets and then go off and do lots of cool crafty, buildy impressive stuff in between turns.

This, along with the death of my proper computer, has kind of made me reflect a smidge, and I am really considering ramping down the computer use. Never fear, I’m not considering abandoning the blog again – although with the frequency I post lately, it may as well be abandoned. But am thinking about an internet free day once a week for a while, so that I might concentrate on Other Things. I’m also thinking of concentrating my use to things I am interested in, rather than just mindless crap (TV-style).


And, oh dear, I just noticed all those comments over there <–.

How did I miss them? I figure it must have been all of those drugs I did at the turn of the century.

That and the fact that I rarely look at the actual blog. Part of my new internet approach may be to read my fave blogs via the link over there (<—), rather than mindlessly using the reader.

Note to self: be a better blogger!

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