$%^#$&%ity, $%^#$&%, $%^#$&%

After the week-long visit by the babies, I was set to write some meaty catch-up posts (complete with pix).

Alas, I cannot get to said pix because my primary computer has decided to die (or should I say is rapidly approaching death – possibly at my hand), and the posts would be nothing without photos – particularly given that I was lying about the meaty part and they were going to be quite light on actual content (which will teach me for being a lazy blogger).

After 2 weeks of not being touched and working perfectly well before that, the dear thing refuses to even boot into in safe mode and I am rather keen on hurling it out the window at this point.

This makes me quite cross, as it has everything on it. Although it is comforting that I will be able to retrieve my data (if only one of the other 4 computers here had the ability to connect sata drives!). I think I’m going to have to get me some NAS and keep working on Gertie the macbook (I think The Universe may be try to tell me something here: see that list of things which are not resolutions).

Anyway, regular blogging (sans images) should commence in the not too distant future, given that I am finally sans hausguests.

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