hottest 100: v2009 (2)

The Joe/Frank edition

Coldplay: Violet Hill

Empire of the Sun: Walking on a Dream

Flight of the Conchords: Most Beautiful Girl in the Room

Kings of Leon: Sex on Fire

Killers: Human

MGMT: Electric Feel

The Living End: White Noise

Presets: This Boy’s in Love

The Verve: Love is Noise

The Vines: He’s a Rocker

1I have no idea what this is supposed to be, will have to confer with Joe/Frank

3 thoughts on “hottest 100: v2009 (2)

  1. Oh, you are a good girl! I had completely forgotten about this.I will update the Walking on a Dream (had already noticed and fixed the Kings of Leon).The big question is … Can you defend your title??

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