i might consider doing these things, but then again, perhaps i won’t

So, lets get back to that list of things that I might want to do during the year, but which I am positively not resolving to do in 2009.

  • I will not spend a whole year reading (and re-reading) Ngaio Marsh novels to the exclusion of all else
  • Continue our experiments in cooking (this has really been working quite well) carried forward
  • Continue the efforts to save lots o’ cash (has also been working quite well, except for that minor art-buying hiccough – and the new small art-buying hiccough which is about to occur next week)
  • Keep up the gym thing (min 3 days a week) carried forward
  • Leave the office at least once per day (even if only for 5 minutes) and take a mental health day every once in a while. I have taken Dishy Boss’s excellent lead and blocked out my calendar every day for lunch, because I work with the sort of morons who book meetings during lunchtime.
  • Go on some sort of honeymoon! (or at least a faux wedding night)
  • Have more adventures, of all sorts. carried forward
  • Do not spend every evening zonked out in front of the computer and not engaging with what I am mindlessly scrolling/clicking through
  • Use Gertrude the macbook for more than browsing (ie refamiliarise myself with the mac os)
  • Blog moar carried forward
  • Use “splendid” and “neat” a whole lot more in conversation (and maybe even “smashing” or “keen”). “Cool” and “awesome” becoming somewhat tired, I think. carried forward
  • Consolidate and organise the now even more enormous itunes libraries carried forward
  • Do not promise to send emails within a certain time frame because I invariably will not do so (particular apologies to Harriet and my Lesbian Lover)

I’m sure there were more, I just forget what they are, when I remember I will add.

  • Italian lessons (see comments)
  • Throw out every horrible piece of white or beige granny underwear that I own. This follows on from “and she just wore these horrible bras all the time…” (scroll down), despite buying a whole lot of new stuff, I keep reverting to the ghastly – I figure if they aren’t there, I won’t be able to wear them.

Again, I am sure there will be more additions.


2 thoughts on “i might consider doing these things, but then again, perhaps i won’t

  1. Blocking out lunch in my calendar every day has revolutionised my life. I’ve blocked out an hour every day, though I mostly take less time. But just seeing it in my diary every day has made a HUGE difference.

  2. You have definitely inspired that addition, particularly as you have managed to maintain it (I abandoned my post-holiday efforts at lunch pretty quickly after returning).Also you inspired another one that I forgot to add (note to self: amend list), which is give Italian lessons a bash. I was so impressed how learning Swedish enhanced your trip and I regret not learning more Italian before we went on ours (of course we managed to get by perfectly well because almost everyone speaks English) but I think the experience would have been more wonderful had our somewhat limited Italian been a little more developed.

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