I was going to post something just for haze, lest she think I’m reverting to Mrs H mode, but I’ve had a few too many wines and have quite forgotten what I was going to write.

Can I just point out that the past couple of weeks have been, at times, somewhat arduous/trying?1 And I thank the gods for wonderful colleagues and friends (and elder daughter) who have sympathetic ears and unlimited patience. And there is so much I could post, in my very finest snarktastic manner, but I instead will leave those unwritten posts as an exercise for the reader to imagine (I’m sure you all can).

Also, end of year = madly busy and far too much work going on. Hopefully next week (when no-one will be there) will see much catch-up blogging via email, but I make no promises.

Also, my wee department bought me some (what looks to be) fabulous Italian wine as a wedding gift (what freaky darlings they are), which they presented to me today.

And Jano, I promise there will be rock photo-age as soon as I can get to my proper computer (in Mom’s room) and grab them from the camera.

Also, Harriet, that boy of yours makes me insanely clucky and I really will write that very overdue email soon (like next week!) – where I shall cluck over the gorgeousness of your offspring

1Don says I make it sound quite awful, but I’m sure you know my penchant for a smidge of hyperbole.

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