rut rut rut

It was yesterday that I realised that I have spent more than a year reading (and re-reading) nothing but Ngaio Marsh novels (although, of course, I have read many things on the internets).

I think this needs to change (despite the complete fabulousness of Ngaio Marsh’s novels) – for a start I have that Josephine Tey novel that I am saving for special. I’m thinking special should probably start sooner rather than later.

And, while I am beating up on myself, by golly, I’ve been a dreadful blogger this year – I really need to get my blogging mojo back – and all sorts of other mojo back: sewing for example – which I am trying to revive by making some rather gorgeous pillows for Bav1.

Have I mentioned that my mother-in-law-to-be (who I have not so much as spoken to before) arrives in five days? Have I mentioned that she is staying with us for a month ? Have I also mentioned that she arrives on the day of the Marie Celeste christmas party? A day that generally ends with me and my head in a bucket?

Also, yet another birthday during the week – gorgeous dinner with Don and Dfkan at my fave lebanese restaurant.

Also, did I mention I’m getting hitched?

Also, I now have a largish (but not too showy, for that would be tacky) rock.

1the car, for those who have not been playing along.

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  1. I need to make it a trifecta of comments. Thanks for the rec. of the restaurant – our favourite Lebanese restaurant is in Lakemba and how often do we get to Lakemba? Unless I am in Canterbury Hospital, frickin’ never. So Glebe is more achievable.Oooh, rock. Pics?

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