don’t think cos I’m talking, we’re friends

I simply can’t imagine how it must feel to be so amazingly passionate about an election, I think Americans must be feeling something akin to how Australians felt voting for Gough.

In fact, I get a wee bit emotional about it (but don’t tell Don)1.

Go, you Americans!

Also, Marie Celeste has sunk to new depths by not even providing cheapo bubbles this afternoon1. If they had informed us earlier, we would have happily had a whip ’round and bought our own, but they’ve always done something in the past, so we just did the “ass of u and mptions” thing.

And I maintained my spectacular run of non-sweep winning.

1I have no idea why – Obama’s far too far to the right for my liking. Perhaps I just like seeing people so excited about things.

2For the foreigners amongst us, today was the Melbourne Cup, race that stops the nation – traditionally there is drinking of cheap “champagne” and wearing of silly hats (sometimes even a lunch) in the workplace.

Title courtesy of Sneaker Pimps: six underground

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