your smile is stretching, but you’re gonna go far

I started composing this days ago, which is, I suppose, a testament to either my busy lifestyle or my laziness.

While several of my colleagues ventured out to Sigur Rós on Saturday night, we opted to spend $20 on tix to Regurgitator at The Annandale.

I do love seeing bands at small venues like The Annandale and the Gaelic Club – generally tends to be filled with people who really want to be there and are really into it (unlike, for example, the posuer losers who made my Arcade Fire experience a little less fabulous than it ought have been).

The whole evening could have so easily ended up as “tragic, ageing fans venture out to see washed-up band from their yoof”, but it was such a tight, awesome show and we had so very much fun.

The ‘gurge had a temp drummer (Pete being off having a wee bairn or somesuch), who I want to say is named Stella (but I could be very, very wrong) – who was absolutely and utterly fabulous and wonderfully glamorous (and who could make me totally turn in an instant).

They played a bit of new stuff, a lot of old stuff, everyone sang along and danced about. Just brilliant!

Sadly, I became one of those people I loathe (in my defense, I was standing on a wee platform1 and not annoying anyone) and took some snaps with the camera phone.

And now I am going to foist them upon you, dear reader.

Spod (one of the supports) were totally rad. From the streamers, to the stripping, to the gold star masks, to “CATS!” (which consisted of: “Cats!”, keyboard riff, gameboy riff, “Cats!”, keyboard riff, gameboy riff )

Between sets:

The whole all-white thing was just crazy-fantastic.

Really, if they are coming your way, you should totally make the effort to go see them. The awesomeness is still there and they put on a really great show.

1I guess it is the olde skool raver in me, that if there is a podium anywhere about, I must dance upon it. It is the law.

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