note to self: no 4567

Never again buy acrylic yarn – just don’t.

Lest you end up with another stash of impossible to work with yarn.

It might be cheap, but really, it is a false economy.

Currently I am attempting crocheted blanket no. 7 with the acrylic mountain. I was knitting a garter stitch blanket on a circular needle, but I just wasn’t feeling it.

Also, I have not forgotten those memes.

Also, I had to send a list of my achievements over the past year to the dishy boss today – that caused not a little angst.

3 thoughts on “note to self: no 4567

  1. yay for yarn craft! but yes, acrylic is crap – good for toys and cat jumpers, but crap for everything else.and just so you know,no there’s no baby yet, I think I’m going to be pregnant forever.

  2. Yes, it is awful to work with, but hopefully will result in a decent picnic blanket and some more footy scarves.I was going to suggest that you have loads of sex to bring the baby on (but that is probably the last thing you feel like doing!!)If I were you, I would cross my legs until 1 July, I read today that the baby bonus increases on that date.

  3. um .. we have been having loads of sex. People who say sex brings on labour are big fat liars. but it’s fun to try anyway, especially considering there will none of those shenanigans afterwards, one surprise baby in old-age is enough thank you very much! yes, there’s still no baby in this haus … he’s very late and naughty making us wait.

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