vale bavolvo’s ipod (or lots of alsos)

My ipod, he is dead (from the soaking).

Currently I am using Joe/Frank’s 1GB nano cast off – it is quite dreadful (but way compact), 144 songs1 really just does not do it for me.

I am trying to kid myself that all the Bavolvo ipod needs is a new battery, but I think that the wee swim he had in my old bag (yes, of course I bought a new one!2) was the death of him.

I think I may need to go shoppering (again).

Also, we are going to the Nation’s Capital on the long weekend (for the last days of Turner to Monet exhibit. Don has not experienced the delights of Canberra before, it should be a hoot and we get to take Bavolvo (sans his ipod) for his first road trip.

Also, Band of Horses tix go on sale tomorrow (super exciting). The first band Don and I saw together – awwwwwww.

Also, I really am quite amused by this blogging about not blogging movement – even though I can totally relate to it.

1Compared to 3367 songs (+ 241 podcasts)
2My very first “designer” bag

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