oh! presents!

I totally stole the text from hazelblackberry, who stole the text from karen


Here’s a chance to get something in the mail from me. My present is coming from the lovely hazelblackberry

Here are the rules:

1. Leave a comment that says you want to receive something from me and you want to Pay It Forward. The first THREE to agree to Pay It Forward in the comments and at their blogs will get a present from me. I need your mailing address, so email it to me at the address given in my Blogger profile.

2. The three winners must do the same thing on their blogs, so the Pay It Forward challenge will continue.

(Note: These are going to be pretty small presents. I plan on sending something that will fit inside a padded envelope for mailing. Still, it’s always nice to have something to look forward to, isn’t it?)

Oh, here’s a third rule I just made up:

3. In playing this game you may learn my real name. I’d rather you didn’t divulge it.


I so very, very agree with rule three!

Also, probably should put an email addy in my profile … off to create a new account.

And if I am tardy in my postal duties, please be kind.

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