365: you’re doing it wrong

Well, I think we knew that the blog365 thing was doomed to failure, hence the removal of the button from my sidebar. A horrible cold and a massive weekend of drinking and that is the end of my commitment to anything.

And if I ever have a drag (or 17) of anyone’s cigarette again, just shoot me. Almost a week later and I can still taste it – just. ew. What the hell was I thinking, smoking so long (thus spake the reformed smoker).

No in the absence of content, please enjoy the fine wrapping from Heather’s birthday gift:

Don cunningly suggested utlising a picture he had taken on his phone quite some time ago on a very drunken walk home (I believe it was this night1) and which we had pretty much forgotten about. I love it when a plan comes together. Also, please note that I appear quite slender there in the background.

1Actually, on reflection, I think it was a different night (but the same venue).

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