the empty nesters

Well, Dfkan is all moved out. My baby! She is all grown up!

The guys from two men and a truck were both totally efficient and totally gorgeous and didn’t stuff about (and also did not take about an hour and a half to get from Glebe to Kings Cross – unlike the removalists I chose to move here).

Dfkan swooned just a little when they turned up at her door (and they told her to be careful in the area when they left – sweeties). It is really interesting the reactions of various people when they hear where she is living – they range from extreme horror to extreme envy. We have no concerns at all with her living there, she and I lived there for years after all. And there are so many people about, that there will be always someone around to help, in the unlikely event that she gets into diffculties.

The haus is so empty with all of her stuff out!

The first thing we did was move our bed into her old room. It is rather a tight squeeze, but has *the* view, which our old room totally lacked – we can see my fave bridge in the world while laying in our bed.

Dfkan’s place will be totally cute when she unpacks everything (at the moment it is a horrible mess of bags and boxes etc). I love arranging stuff in a new haus, but I totally loathe the packign and moving aspect – she has loads of (what I would call) fun ahead.

We’d often wondered over the fact that people did not seem to chuck things out here as they did in Potts Point/Elizabeth Bay/Darlinghurst (because we had scored some way cool stuff from the side of the road when we lived there). We’ve recently come to realise that people are, in fact, chucking stuff out, it just lasts, on average, about 10 minutes until someone grabs it (today we chucked out Dfkan’s old clothes rack, and some random burned CDs and an old manky fan – all of which were gone in rather short time-frames).

My baby! She is all grown up!

5 thoughts on “the empty nesters

  1. Heh, I was at the KX markets on Sunday morning and wondered if that was Moving Day – clearly I have far to little to think about.I agree about the relative safety of this area. It’s so populated and (surprisingly) very community minded – we know a heap of shopkeepers and locals and my husband’s on first-name terms with a number of local homeless guys. There’s a little random unpleasantness, much more than active danger.And we have scored some stellar stuff from the streets! Best was a dinky scooter (like a Razer) which needed all of one bolt to make it into the ideal zipping-to-school machine.

  2. Grumpy loves the chance to go through other people’s junk. I love the way it just disappears – so much better than immediately going to land fill.Congrats to Dfkan (your baby! all grown up!).Also, yes, I love the unpacking. The packing is vile, but the unpacking is fun.

  3. Harriet, goodness, I still think of her as being about 6 years old! And my baby started high school yesterday.Jano, it was actually much less hellish than anticipated – only took about 3(ish) trips in the car and one ute load. It has finally gotten to knowing some of the shopkeepers here, but not really at the same level as it was back in Lizzie Bay. It is so much more suburban-ish here in comparison, which I had forgotten until I Dfkan moved back.HB, it’s like magic! I have never seen anyone actually remove anything and stuff vanishes in broad daylight. I wish we had council clean up days, but we have ad hoc collection instead.

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