you’ve got to get a little, get a little every day, you get a sunburn right away1

Today began super-hot, so we ventured over to Northbridge baths, and amazingly, Dfkan even graced us with her presence! She even swam, and jumped (it is a pretty awesome pool for jumping). And she was totally brilliant at entertaining the babies.

Really, if you are in Sydney, you should totally venture over. It is rarely crowded and perfect for wee kiddies (if you have them) and perfect for bigger kiddies (because of aforesaid jumping aspects). And was quite inexpensive ($13 for the 5 of us), if you have wee kiddies (like under 3, I think) – they are free.

And they have (rather expensive) chips and sauce! Perfect for that between swim snack.

An excellent time was had by all. Thanks to Don for his brilliant suggestion (the alternative would be to sit inside all day on the computers (not that there is anything wrong with that)).

And we made it home before the (brief) storm…

1I suspect I am the only person on the planet who remembers that song

3 thoughts on “you’ve got to get a little, get a little every day, you get a sunburn right away1

  1. Your body’s brown as a berry but you can’t lie dooooownnn…better let yourself cool down.I LOVE that song. Sing it to myself all the time when we’ve been out kayaking and I feel like the sun frazzled me a bit.

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