the incredible growing girl

Fortified by the inevitable glass of wine, this afternoon I cleaned out my cupboard.

I had a pair of runners which I adore, but rarely wore, because they are a trifle too thin and a smidgen uncomfortable.

When we bought Bessie’s shoes for her formal (around 4 weeks ago), she was about a size 7, so I asked her to hold her foot up against mine, thinking I’d hold on to the Bally’s if she was close (I’m a size 8-8.5).

She was more than close…

Only my big toe is longer! Her two little toes are larger than mine! Although feet are quite a bit more grown up and fatter. I suspect it is going to be hellish finding her shoes for the next couple of years.

And the shoes fit perfectly (so perfectly I’ve fobbed a pair of boots off on her too).

She is still quite small in comparison. I’m only 164cm (and I *really* need to do something about that mousey re-growth).

She’s only just turned 12! One wonders how big her feets are going to get. If she is anything like a puppy, I would suggest that both her feet and herself will be quite long.

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