While reading my latest indulgence, which is of course, another Ngaio Marsh novel1, I stumbled across the following, “They had not made out a hard-and-fast itinerary but had snowed themselves under with brochures, read the indispensible Miss Georgina Masson2 and wandered in a trace about the streets and monuments.”

Being singularly unfamiliar with Miss Georgina Masson, I of course looked her up (whatever did we do before the internets?) and found that she wrote “The Companion Guide to Rome”, which sounds pretty awesome and exactly what I am after holiday-wise, so, of course, I went quick-smart to the ever brilliant book depository and ordered my self a copy.

And that just sucks, sucks that I have to go to the UK to buy a book because it is more than half price there that it is here. Again, thank gods for the internets.

1When in Rome.
2My emphasis.

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