the mysterious red pawn

I just found a pawn on the floor underneath my computer.

The odd thing is that we have no chess set even remotely resembling this.

When I say “pawn” and “p0rn” they sound identical (unlike Don, who says them quite differently). Thus, some perplexity ensued when I proclaimed, “Hey, I just found this pawn under my computer”.

5 thoughts on “the mysterious red pawn

  1. Hah! I once suggested that my husband pick up a hand drill at the pawn shop and he looked quite perturbed (a) at the thought of p0rny hand tools and (b) that I would know about that kind of thing.He’s from the US, of course, and seems to think that the letter “r” should be pronounced in words like that.

  2. Yes, stupid R’s.I’m starting to say watER and writER and such – by some type of osmosis-style thingy (because lord knows I’m not doing it consciously). My American’s fave totally-oz pronunciation of mine is chooseday (Tuesday). It still makes him laugh.thirdcat, sadly all I could find was rather a lot of dust, which perhaps could be collected and fashioned somehow into a replacement blue pawn.

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