this is not post via email (or 8 things meme prelude)

The lovely Cellobella has tagged me with the 8 things meme.

While I agonise over the various 8 things and compose the post in my head, I hereby tag the following (I can never correctly follow these memes instructions, can I?):

Harriet (even though you blog no longer – you could post in comments!)

and any other four random people who would like to (lurkers or no!)

This post is not via email because I need to have a good sit down and see how it handles my html. I think it will probably not handle my html at all well and we’ll end up with posts littered with
8 things meme etc.
Perhaps email posts will need to be a trifle more minimalist

1 thought on “this is not post via email (or 8 things meme prelude)

  1. oh goodness, I’ll have to write a list because I’ll forget things as soon as I think of them. stupid brain.**harriet again

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