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This evening sees me absolutely and utterly drained after a 4.5 hour meeting – where we were supposed to be shown an end to end demo of Tedious (Marie Celeste’s new computer system) – which turned out not to be an end to end demo, because nothing is really ready (or anywhere near ready and it has only been in the works for 2.5 years) and Tedious goes live in 19 days.

Very very scary stuff as the GM is ultra-bloody minded and will actually turn the old system off, leaving us with (I assume) abacuses (abacii?) and spreadsheets.

Very old skool.

In other news, I’ve just bought a ton (okay, 7) of Ngaio Marsh novels on ebay to add to the collection. I can’t even begin to say how much these thrill me. I’ve even got a little spreadsheet happening of the novels I have and those I will acquire in the very near future. I really can’t get enough of this genre.

And holiday planning continues…..

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  1. Well I’ve joined. And of course I will add you as a friend (once I can work out how to do it)It hates the ISBNs of my Marsh books (and doesn’t have the editions in the database), so I think I will just choose what I think is the closest until such time as I can upload my editions to the database (or they use one of the ISBN databases where it does show up).And sadly, loads of my books were discarded in the move/split from Fenton, so there will not be anything very exciting for a time (or at all).

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