its like totally random (and totally horrifying)

I’m loving this blog randomiser, infinitely better than the blogger navbar (much less of the omglolz).

One finds some rather good blogs and some rather horrifying things.

This brief post is about one of those rather horrifying things:

If you have been a long time reader (back to the mrs.h days), you might remember this (ewwwwww), but this is even more holycrapwhatthefuckinghellaretheythinking.

But your response, is of course, up to you.

4 thoughts on “its like totally random (and totally horrifying)

  1. I am visiting via the randomizer, and I think I am addicted. It is much like a slot machine (I think, due to no experience with a slot machine). I just want to push the button one more time. It is getting late, yet…I have to push the ..button.

  2. In checking my stats, I found that I’d had a visit from the placenta people – I’m a bit sad they didn’t comment.Bee anything as any sort of health related supplement thing always makes me think of Royal Jelly by Roald Dahl.

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